Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hey guys n gals, Scott here from Tribal Riot.
Thought I'd write and let you all know about some new friends of ours, who we've gotten to know through soundcloud. They're called Liberty, They make top quality Electro bangers, they're from LA and they are awesome guys! They've just posted up a fantastic new remix, which has already had over 1000 plays in 24 hours... and deservedly so!
Check it out on the link below, it's being released in January on Noiseporn Records and will be available on all the major digital sites, so make a note!
Make sure you check out their other tracks on Soundcloud which are FREE to download (told you they were awesome).
I'm sure you'll be hearing a hell of a lot more from these guys (there might even be a Tribal Riot remix in the future, which we're very excited about)!!
Oh, and keep up to date by following them on Facebook.!/LibertyDjs

Tribal Riot
Night Sky (Liberty Remix) //Out soon on NOISEPORN RECORDS\\ by Liberty!