Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting back to music with a new mix

I've been out of the scene for a while, I just got back into DJing and making music recently. Just recorded this House mix, its a lot of fun. Enjoy!

"Bangin 'Em out" mixed by Mojo Jones

(click to stream, right click and SAVE AS to download)

Track listing

1. Neon Stereo vs Marcie "Fuck Me Baby" (Will Bailey remix)
2. Wiz Khalifa - "Black and Yellow" (DJ Kue remix)
3. Calvertron - "Buggin" (the Afterschool special mix)
4. Bit Thief - "Zombie Girlfriend"
5. Jake Simon - "Shinji"
6. TJR - "Good Evening Chicago" (Hijack mix)
7. Alaric - "Cruelty" (Wolfgang Gartner's mix)
8. Abe Duque and Blake Baxter - "What Happened?" (Max Cooper remix)
9. Santiago & Bushido - "All That I can say"
10. Calvertron - "Doo Doo"
11. The Octopus - "TKO (Mama Said Knock You Out)" (Leko Remix)
12. Momma's Boy - "Wedouwedou"
13. Does it Offend You, Yeah - "We are Rockstars" (Cold Bank remix)
14. Will Bailey and Mikey Hook - "The Knock" (Bass Weazel remix)
15. MC Flipside, A-Division - "What It's About" (Breakdown remix)
16. Together - "Hardcore Uproar"(Lee Mortimer remix)
17. Prarie Cartel - "Beautiful Shadow" (Santiago & Bushido remix)
18. Daft Punk "Television Rules the Nation" (Dirty Disco Youth remix)
19. Solid Groove - "Through A Keyhole" (Jeff Doubleu remix)
20. The Faint - "Get Seduced" (Hot Pink Delean & Knowlton Walsh remix