Thursday, April 15, 2010

MOJO JONES – new Electro & Dubstep mix with new release on BEATPORT!

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1. Herbdout - "Get Mad"
2. AC Slater - "Play that Record Again"
3. The Subs - "Fuck that Shit" (Mark Lam remix)
4. DJ Rush - "Motherfucking Bass" (Popof remix)
5. Dave Devoid - "History of Time" (Calverton remix)
6. Major Lazor - "Pon de Floor" (Cold Bank remix)
7. Bonde Do Role -"Divine Gosa" (Dirty Beats remix)
8. Lee Mortimer & Foamo "Its Going Down"
9. The Mutant - "Game Over" (Aquilaganja remix)
10. Tommie Sunshine & Marc Romboy "BodyJack" (Dan Aux way crazies remix)
11. Deejay Punk Roc - "My Beatbox" (Santero remix)
12. Sawgood - "Ctrl ur Brain" (Calverton Jedi Mind Trick remix)
13. KRS One - "Sound of the Police" (Dirty Basement remix)
14. Leon Jean Marie - "Bring it On" (Rusko remix)
15. High Rankin - "No Money for Guns"
16. Zombie Disco Squad - "Eurovision" (The Boog-A-Loo Crew remix)
17. Chase & Status - "Saxon" (Oh Snap!! Edit Stylee)
18. Tomb Crew - "Western Jam"
19. Nick Thayer - "Pressure Point"
20. Designer Drugs - "Drop Down"
21. Uncle Jesse "The Greys" (Mojo Jones Ktarded Electro remix)
22. Green Velevet - "Shake and Pop" (Cold Bank remix)
23. B.Rich - "Everyday Hustle" (Ac Slater remix)
24. Calvin Harris - "Not Alone" (Doorly remix)
25. The Partysquad - "Murderer" (Diplo and Jayou remix)
26. Aphex Twin - "Windowlicker" (Chevy One dubstep remix)


Following up their wildly successful debut EP on Tharsis Records, Uncle Jesse is back with 'The Greys' EP. Remix support on this EP comes from Germany's LaBam, a.k.a. Red Room, Portland Oregon's iZaiah, and from Washington DC, Mojo Jones and Harry Ransom.

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