Sunday, January 17, 2010

Free Guido van Santen Beats!

Hello Everyone!

Here is a collection of some free tunes/bootlegs i did release.

Jorge Jaramillo - Till i Feel Oke (The Fidgitive Remix 2010 Remaster)

Defunct! FT Whiskey Pete - GoodYear PimP (Guido van Santen AKA The Fidgitive Remix) DEC09

Guido van Santen - Shake Ur Bod-E (Do the Oochie Pop Bootleg Edit)

The Bulgarian vs The Fidgitive - Beat the system

The Bulgarian vs The Fidgitive - Sorta Gargle

Lady Gaga - Just Dance (Guido van Santen Remix) FREE

Viro & Rob Analyze - Blown away (The Fidgitive Electro Remix)