Monday, November 16, 2009

Harry Ransom - "Flexotron" available now on BEATPORT (featuring remixes by Mojo Jones, Sanchez & the Shockers and more!)

Tharsis Records presents "Flexotron", the debut EP of Washington, DC's Harry Ransom


The remixes on this release range from banging Electro House, to a progressive Electro feel, to Tech House, to a Tech House / Fidget House hybrid

Remix support by the Tharsis Records crew includes:

- Mojo Jones (Washington, DC)
- Sanchez & the Shockers (Nashville, TN)
- John Haze (Tucson, AZ)
- LaBam (Germany)
- Eric Cadillac (Sweden)
- Sizemoreism (Sweden)
- Sonario (Tucson, AZ)